We use as much organic ingredients as we can find–organic chocolate, organic cream & butter, organic spices, organic nuts and fruits, organic sugars. The Pacari chocolate that we mostly use is from Ecuador, made in a very socially and environmentally aware and sustainable manner. We hope you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy making them.


A unique chocolate made in small batches in Los Angeles that clearly tastes like peanut butter. (65g/2.3 oz) no soy




World-renowned chocolate from the Akesson estate in Madagascar; either 75% or 100%. (2.1 oz/60g). no soy


Fruition Chocolates


Either 68% (Hispaniola) or 100% (blended Domincan and Peru) cacao. One of the most awarded chocolate makers in the US. no soy




We offer 2 bars from Chapon--Porcelana (74%) from Venezuela, or Gran Nativo (73%) from Peru. (75g/2.6 oz.) no soy




Made in Italy from some of the finest cacao beans available, the famous white Porcelana cacao (1.75 oz/50g). no soy

Bars, Toffee, Brittle

Toffee Rapture


Honey, Orange, Pistachio Toffee--need we say more?


Order one 16-piece; get 40% off an elegant 6-piece box  You get to make even more people smile.

$90.90 $80.95

Order one 20-piece; get a 12-piece box at 40% off. Share the smiles.

Bars, Toffee, Brittle

Coconut Almond Butter Bar


Our own almond butter, made from local almonds (grown organically), and organic coconut, in a shell of organic 62% cacao chocolate. A 3oz, 3" X 3" treat to satisfy any almond-and-chocolate lover's desire.


Boxed Chocolates

36 Pieces of Bliss

$97.95 $86.95

A selection of 36 of our luscious truffles and sensuously soft caramels. Fun and smiles from The Dark Side--probably a good supply for at least a weekend. See details below.


Pump Street


Award winning bars made by hand in Suffolk, England. You're in for a treat. (70% and 85%) (2.46 oz) no soy


Made in Vietnam by two French guys. Renowned world wide for their exquisite flavors. They roast their beans slow and low to maintain the distinctive terroir flavors in each bean. (2.8 oz) no soy