Respecting viral concerns, offering comfort

In times like these, we're here to safely ensure you have easy access to the world’s #1 comfort food, Chocolate, while maintaining social distancing.  We continue to ship chocolates to you. Our you can pick them up curbside at our shop.

You can also call our shop in Sebastopol, CA, to place an order of chocolates, tea, or our pastries for curbside pickup. (707-829-1181)

We hope you'll stay safe and enjoy some of our satisfying treats. 

We’re making this as easy as possible, with 3 of our chocolate collections on sale.

Bars, Barks and Bites

Coconut Almond Butter Bar


Our own almond butter, made from local almonds (grown organically), and organic coconut, in a shell of organic 62% cacao chocolate. A 3oz, 3" X 3" treat to satisfy any almond-and-chocolate lover's desire.


Pump Street


Award winning bars made by hand in Suffolk, England. You're in for a treat. (70% and 85%) (2.46 oz) no soy


Made in Vietnam by two French guys. Renowned world wide for their exquisite flavors. They roast their beans slow and low to maintain the distinctive terroir flavors in each bean. (2.8 oz) no soy


Naïve Chocolate 


Made by hand in small batches in eastern Lithuania. (2 oz) no soy