Zinfandel Peanut Brittle

Fluffy peanut brittle made richer with Zinfandel wine.
(Available during Winter Holidays, or for orders of 10 bags or more.)


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Zinfandel Peanut Brittle

An airy, leave-your-fillings-in-place brittle made with Sonoma County Zinfandel wine and Spanish Peanuts, dark roasted.  The Zinfandel adds a richness to the brittle and deepens the dark-roast flavor.  If you’re a peanut brittle fan, this will be a new treat for you. The Spanish Peanuts add another new flavor profile. Together, the Zin, Spanish Peanuts, and the dark roasting make for a very different take on this classic treat.

Our updated and improved take on a Holiday favorite treat.

Each bag contains 6 oz. of brittle.

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