The best in Sonoma, CA

Chocolatiers with a purpose!

Chocolate Philosophy

We strive to make the best dark chocolate treats you’ll find.  The first and last flavors of our chocolates is…chocolate. The other flavors come in layers as you enjoy our treats. To this end, all our chocolates contain far less sugar than most.  We add no sugar to our truffles (the only sugar is in the chocolate itself.) Even our sensuously soft caramels are far less sweet than most (and we do not make chewy caramels.)


We offer over 140 flavors of truffles, soft caramels and more delights in traditional and unexpected flavors, such as cinnamon rose or honey saffron caramels and bourbon black walnut or ginger turmeric currant coconut truffles. Even our traditional-flavor truffles are a cut above. Like our Mint Truffle—using 75% cacao and real peppermint ensures the mint compliments but doesn’t mask the chocolate. 


Near Downtown Sebastapol, CA right next to whole foods. You will find a cute cosey shop of delicious chocolates. 

Safety First

We’re here to safely ensure you have easy access to the world’s #1 comfort food, Chocolate. All staff in our shop are 100% vaccinated. We can ship chocolates to you, you can order & pick them up curbside (707-829-1181), or you can come into our Sebastopol  shop.


David, our Chief Chocolatier, made chocolates for fun for about 30 years before making them professionally. Before being a chocolatier, David worked in international environmental policy and conservation and his wife, Susan, was a psychotherapist in Washington, D.C.

They started Sonoma Chocolatiers in 2008. David likes watching customers smile as they bite into one of our chocolates. He has fun creating new flavor combinations. He puts far more emphasis on the flavors than on the appearance. We considered changing the name to Oh-My-God Chocolates, since that’s the most common response we hear.

Taste the darkside