Who We Are

Our company reflects our values:

Care for the earth, and it will provide for us;

Treat colleagues and customers as we wish to be treated;

Be compassionate.

What we buy and what we make affect the world that we live in and in which our children will raise their children. So we carefully choose every item we buy to help create as healthy a world as we can.

We use as much organic ingredients as we can find. Our chocolate is organic, grown and processed in Ecuador by a local company, Pacari–the entire cost of the chocolate stays in Ecuador. 

Everything that goes into our chocolates is organic, (except the alcohol; the almonds are local and not sprayed, but not certified organic.) We use as much locally-produced ingredients as we can. 

Our packaging is either recyclable or compostable.

We were the first retail shop in Sebastopol to use 100% LED lighting.

Our starting salary has increased from 12% above to over 18% above minimum wage.

We continue to look for more ways we can decrease our impact as we help our business and our employees thrive. We’re always open to suggestions of how to improve, if you have any to share.

Hours: Wed-Mon. 10-6.   (closed Tuesday)


What We Do

We strive to make the best dark chocolate treats you’ll find.  The first and last flavors of our chocolates is…chocolate. The other flavors come in layers as you enjoy our treats. To this end, all our chocolates contain far less sugar than most.  We add no sugar to our truffles (the only sugar is in the chocolate itself.) Even our sensuously soft caramels are far less sweet than most (and we do not make chewy caramels.)

We offer over 140 flavors of truffles, soft caramels and more delights in traditional and unexpected flavors, such as cinnamon rose or honey saffron caramels and bourbon black walnut or ginger turmeric currant coconut truffles. Even our traditional-flavor truffles are a cut above. Like our Mint Truffle—using 75% cacao and real peppermint ensures the mint compliments but doesn’t mask the chocolate. 

We source all dairy, almonds, honey, wine, beer and many other ingredients locally. 

Have fun exploring and savoring our chocolate selections.


How We Do It

Sonoma Chocolatiers is a small, family-run artisanal chocolate company in Sonoma County, in the heart of California’s wine country. We create unexpected and traditional, luscious hand-made chocolates created with organic ingredients. We are here to provide you with the finest dark chocolate indulgences available.

David, our Chief Chocolatier, made chocolates for fun for about 30 years before making them professionally. Before being a chocolatier, David worked in international environmental policy and conservation and his wife, Susan, was a psychotherapist in Washington, D.C. They decided to move to Sonoma County in mid 2007 to raise their son in a healthier environment.

They started Sonoma Chocolatiers in 2008. David likes watching customers smile as they bite into one of our chocolates. He has fun creating new flavor combinations. He puts far more emphasis on the flavors than on the appearance.  We considered changing the name to Oh-My-God Chocolates, since that’s the most common response we hear.

We all have fun making the chocolates.

We hope you have fun eating them.

(In our shop we also offer over 50 organic teas, (we believe it is the second largest selection of organic teas from San Francisco to Seattle), and light pastries, at a very relaxed pace–we move at the pace of tea. We invite you to come watch us make chocolates through the window into our kitchen.
We hope to see you here some time.)