Fleur de Sel Salted Caramels

The most popular chocolate we make–8 melt-in-your mouth sea salt
caramels topped with the classic gourmet salt, Fleur de Sel.



An elegant box of our most popular chocolate delight — 8 melt-in-your-mouth, organic sea salt caramels, dipped in organic 70% cacao dark chocolate, topped with the classic gourmet Fleur de Sel sea salt. This is the most economical way to enjoy our lightly salted caramels.

Our take on this classic chocolate delight is a little different. The caramel is cooked precisely to provide an unusually deep, rich flavor. The sugar, cream and butter in the caramel are certified organic. We tried many salts to choose the one that is most pleasing to compliment the caramel. We enrobe the caramels in 70% cacao chocolate and add just a taste of Fleur de Sel on top–our salted caramels are pleasantly, but not too, salty.

Our Salted Caramel was awarded Double Gold medal by a panel of professional pastry chefs and chocolatiers from the San Francisco Bay area.

We’re confident–because we’ve been told so repeatedly over 12 years–that you will not find a better salted caramel.

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