Boxed Chocolates

A selection of 36 of our luscious truffles and sensuously soft caramels. Fun and smiles from The Dark Side–probably a good supply for at least a weekend. See details below.



Boxed Chocolate Truffles & Caramels

A beautiful and palate-pleasing array of our most popular and award-winning Boxed Chocolate Truffles &/or Caramels from California’s premier wine country. All ingredients but the liqueurs and honey are organic. We make our chocolate in micro-batches with cacao from the world’s first biodynamic cacao garden.

Each box is a selection of the chocolates in stock. We cycle through over 200 flavors of truffles, caramels, and dairy-free chocolates, so no two boxes will be the same. (No box will look exactly as in the photos.)

The Dark Side at its finest.

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