Organic Nibbles

Bite-sized Dark Chocolate bits to enjoy all day (3 oz.), from 62% to 80% cacao. Choose from 7 flavors.



Nibbles of Organic Dark Chocolate

Bite size nibbles of our organic dark chocolate. We use Nacional cacao from the world’s only Biodynamic cacao gardens, in Ecuador to make our micro-batches of chocolate. Our Nibbles range from 62% to 80% cacao.

Some Fun facts about Dark Chocolate: eating 2-3 oz of 70% cacao or higher a week helps fight cavities; 70% cacao chocolate is better for your heart than red wine; chocolate that is 70% cacao or higher is the food that’s fourth highest in antioxidants; 70% and higher chocolate statistically increases your sense of wellbeing; 62% cacao and higher decreases your risk of stroke. And there’re plenty more health benefits.

Some wine and chocolate pairing ideas:
Chai Nibble with a spicy red wine (especially a spicy Syrah, Malbec, or Cabernet Sauvignon)–it’ll make the spice in the wine pop to the fore of your palate;
Smoked Sea Salt goes very well with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonay, and Port;
Try the Orange with a dessert wine or a fruity Zinfandel or Pinot Noir;
For a surprising pairing, sip some Chardonay and then taste the 80%, then sip the Chardonay.  See if the fruitiness of the wine is even more pronounced after the chocolate.

Our Organic Nibble flavors:

62% cacao–Smoked Sea Salt
70% cacao–Chai; Mayan Spice (chili, cinnamon and vanilla); Orange
75% cacao–Mint; Raspberry
80% cacao–80%

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