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  1. Jeremy says:

    Hello Sonoma Chocolatiers,

    Is there any way to have a $.50-75 cent fee instead of having a minimum of $5.00 on cards. I really only wanted one chocolate and that is it today. I did not want to buy 2 in order to cover the minimum cost. I know that you do this to cover the credit card company fee. Could .75 cent fee cover for $2.65?

    I prefer going to Sonoma Chocolatiers and I chose to leave and go to Startbucks because I know I can spend $2.00 there without any minimum fee. I didn’t want to leave; yet, the $5.00 minimum did not work for me. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Jeremy

    • Marketing Director says:

      Hi, Jeremy,

      Starbucks and other very large companies pay far lower costs per credit card swipe and per transaction than small companies do, so they can afford to take a cc for a small purchase. For small companies like ours, the cc fees on small orders are exorbitant. The most common way for small companies to overcome this problem is to set a minimum order size for using a cc. Charging a fee as you suggest is an alternative, but our research indicates that most customers resent this far more than having a minimum charge. Sorry, we’re trying our best to please as many people as we can. I hope you choose to come back to our shop; I believe our quality is higher than at Starbucks.

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