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We will regularly suggest tea and chocolate pairings. Check here, or visit us on Facebook to see our latest pairing ideas.

Suggested Holiday tea and chocolate pairings: GABA Oolong and Orange Grand Marnier Truffle–the rich oolong, with notes of deep yellow peach, accent the orange and the deep chocolate.  Karigane Green Tea and Hazelnut Elderflower Truffle–this lightly-sweet green tea is a smooth accompaniment to the delicate Hazelnut and the understated berry flavor of the Elderflower.

Prices are per oz. (One ounce will provide about five 16-oz pots.)

Steeping guidelines (to provide a flavorful, non-bitter delight)

Black Teas: 4-5 min; steep flavored teas 2 times; Earl Grey & Lapsang Souchang 3 times; straight black teas, 3-4 times.

Oolongs: 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 min; steep oolongs 4-6 times (the second steeping is the most flavorful.) Oolong is very forgiving–it takes a while for it to become bitter, especially after the first 2 steepings. But it can become bitter.

Green Teas: Green teas are the most particular about water temperature; use a cooler water than you would for black and oolong teas. Each tea afficionado seems to have their own ideas of the perfect temperature for different green teas, ranging from 150/160 to 190F. Have fun finding your perfect temperature for the different green teas. Steep Fukamushi, Karigane and Sakura Karigane 40 seconds & 5-7 times; Genmaicha and our Jasmine teas, 1 1/2 min & 2-3 (Jasmine Green) or 4-5 times (Jasmine Pearl); Ancient Forest, 2 min & 3-4 times; Buried Bancha, 3 min and 3-4 times (our favorite iced tea). You can cold-steep Buried Bancha and Karigane in the refrigerator overnight for very refreshing iced tea.

White Teas: White teas are the most delicate of all teas. Do NOT use very hot water to steep white teas. Again, the exact temperature depends on who you ask. We use water under 190F; some people recommend water closer to 170-180F (I’ve been told to use water at about 160, but that provides a very, very delicate flavor–I prefer my tea to have a bit more identifiable flavor). The two white teas we offer are most flavorful and not at all bitter when steeped 2 min (exactly); steep 3-5 times.

Pu-erh: steep 30 seconds for a fruity, floral tea; 3 minutes for a pleasantly woodsy tea; longer for a musky tea. Unlike other teas, Pu-erh will not become bitter. Steep it as long and as often as you like.

Herbal Tisanes: almost all tisanes can be steeped for any time length you like, but most are wonderfully flavorful at 4-5 min. Of the tisanes we offer, the two exceptions are: Chamomile (steep only 3 min); and Lavender (best at 1 1/2 min–it starts to become quite bitter quickly after that.) Steep tisanes 2, maybe 3 times (for most, the flavor after 2 steepings is very light.)

Out of Stock: GABA Oolong

Prices are per oz. (One ounce will provide about five 16-oz pots.)

For now, you can order our teas by phone or email, or at our shop take-out window.

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Out of Stock: Ancient Lancang White Tea

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