Boxed Chocolates

36 Pieces of Bliss

$97.95 $86.95

A selection of 36 of our luscious truffles and sensuously soft caramels. Fun and smiles from The Dark Side--probably a good supply for at least a weekend. See details below.


Gourmet chocolate caramels in 70% cacao molded chocolate--8 scrumptious flavors in an appropriately luscious presentation.

Boxed Chocolates

12 Assorted Truffles


Award-winning dark chocolate truffles for your special day.


A Starter's Kit of our most popular truffles and caramels, all with organic dark chocolate. Welcome to the Dark Side.

$32.95 $28.95

A dozen sensuously-soft caramels in traditional and unexpected flavors.

Boxed Chocolates

P.B. & Heaven (5-piece box)


What a peanut butter cup can only dream of being. Dairy-free--just peanut butter, chocolate and cocoa butter, with a touch of salt on top, coated in 70% cacao chocolate.

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3 of each of our Just Chocolate truffles: 62%, 70%, & 82% cacao, and 85% cacao with cocoa nibs.


A selection of our top award-winning truffles and soft caramels.


The most popular chocolate we make--8 melt-in-your mouth sea salt caramels topped with the classic gourmet salt, Fleur de Sel.