Our Chocolate Club Members will enjoy our chocolates every month at a 15% discount. Members will hear about new products first, receive special discounts every quarter, and can opt for a short (one or two paragraphs) monthly email with fun facts about chocolate. And members can opt to choose the flavors in their monthly shipment from a list of flavors we send (since we cycle through more than 150 flavors during the year.)

There are two levels of membership; cancel any time.

Maintenance Level–an 8-piece box of our truffles and soft caramels each of 10 months, and a 12-piece box in December and February.  To satisfy your minimum monthly chocolate requirements.  ($39.50/month, includes shipping)

Enthusiast Level–a 12-piece box of our truffles and caramels every month, and an additional 8-piece box of  truffles in December and February, and a nut & chocolate treat in December.  For the devoted chocolate enthusiast ($51.50/year, includes all shipping)

Bean-to-Bar add on–explore the breadth of fine chocolate by adding a single-origin bar of fine Dark Chocolate to either membership. We’ll include a bar from a different bean-to-bar chocolate maker each month, with information on the chocolate maker’s story, tasting notes, & the terroir of the chocolate. ($12.50/month and no additional shipping.)




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