Dark Chocolate bars from some of the world’s finest artisan chocolate makers.

From 70% to 100% cacao.



Since we opened our chocolate shop in 2008, artisan chocolate makers have given us a realm of chocolates unknown in history. We now augment the chocolates that we make in-house with a selection of some of the finest artisan chocolate bars. 



These bars have been crafted to highlight the terroir of beans from around the world, and provide the wealth of flavors that chocolate offers. The exquisite dark cherry of Heirloom Nacional beans from Ecuador; rich cigar, coffee and slight nuttiness of rare beans from Cuba; tart apple, smokiness from Madagascar; the spice of Vietnam.

Such evocative flavors. Such delicious fun.


Watch for new bars, and ideas about pairing chocolate with tea, cheese, wine, and other foods. We hope you will experiment with many, if not all, of the bars we offer.

Have fun.



Madre Chocolate


Wonderfully unique bars made in Hawaii. See below for why these bars are so exceptional. (1.5 oz) no soy


Pump Street


Award winning bars made by hand in Suffolk, England. You're in for a treat. (70% and 85%) (2.46 oz) no soy


Made in Vietnam by two French guys. Renowned world wide for their exquisite flavors. They roast their beans slow and low to maintain the distinctive terroir flavors in each bean. (2.8 oz) no soy


To’ak makes some of the finest chocolate we’ve tasted, at their cacao plantation in Ecuador. They use Nacional beans from coastal Ecuador, a designated Heirloom Cacao bean. For about 100 years, Nacional beans were thought to be extinct, before they were rediscovered in 2011 in a remote valley in Ecuador. (1.76 oz) no soy  


The first single-origin bar made with these rare beans from the Galapagos Islands. For about 100 years, Nacional beans were thought to be extinct, before they were rediscovered in 2011 in a remote valley in Ecuador. (1.76 oz) no soy


Naïve Chocolate 


Made by hand in small batches in eastern Lithuania. (2 oz) no soy


Francois Pralus


Francois Pralus has expanded his family’s pastry shop to feature fine chocolates from around the world. Pralus was one of the first bean-to-bar makers. We offer 4 of his amazing bars. (3 oz.) (with soy lecithin)


Dick Taylor


Brazil 70%

A marvelous ambassador for Brazilian cacao; made in Northern California.  (2 oz) no soy


Organic chocolate-covered, cocoa dusted Cocoa Beans Can you say Chocolate?  (3.17 oz) no soy


Pacari, organic


Pacari chocolates win awards year after year. We use Pacari couverture to make some of our own chocolates. All their chocolate is certified organic. (1.76 oz) no soy




Art Pollard, Amano’s master chocolate maker, says their “job as chocolate makers is to be as true to the beans as we can.” And they do that exquisitely. They are one of, if not the, most awarded chocolate makers in the US. I encourage you to see for yourself why. (3 oz) no soy


Made from organic Madagascar cacao, Heirloom designated. The land of lemurs, vanilla, and fine chocolate. (2.64 oz) no soy