You get the thanks, we handle the rest.

Our dark chocolates receive consistent praise as the finest our customers have found, from Paris, Belgium, New York or San Francisco. People regularly tell us how much they enjoyed receiving a box of our chocolates. These praises are yours when you give our handmade, refined chocolates made with local and organic ingredients, presented in elegant, simple, environmentally-conscious packaging.

Have us ship to many addresses, or to you (you get the fun of handing out the gifts.)
Include personalized notes on handmade cards or a simple, elegant stock card.
Choose any online gift, or view our selections designed specially for professional gifting (button link to page with corporate gift boxes.)

Put your Thank You’s on autopilot

Scheduling a gifting program removes one more item from your To-Do list. A Scheduled Gifting program sets a schedule to deliver gifts periodically through the year. Create a scheduled gifting program that meets your needs.

Set the dates and we’ll send the Thank You package to arrive on time. Or choose the gift and we’ll deliver it whenever you send an email with just a name and address. Or we’ll customize a program for you.

All Scheduled Gifting programs receive the maximum 40% Corporate discount, regardless of program size.

Corporate gift discounts

25% discount for $350 – $749;
30% discount for $750 – $1499;
35% discount for $1500 – $3999;
40% discount for $4000 or more.

Tell your friends!

We would like to thank you for referring new corporate clients to us. When you refer a professional order to us, we’ll give you 5% of each order they place for the first year. You can receive credit toward your gifts, or a check—your choice.

To place a corporate order

Please email us or call for your corporate coupon codec to order online. Please include:

Business Name
Contact person
Business address, City, State, Zip Code
Contact phone number
Business website or Facebook page.
Contact email
Name of the business or professional that referred you to us.

You can order corporate gifts online,
by email:
or by phone: 707-829-1181.

We’ll handle if from there.